2014-03-28 1053Anyone who is hungry and resides in Carroll County is eligible to receive food at CCFS.  Applicants need to present an official photo ID, proof of residence in Carroll County, and a Social Security Card for each member of the household.  No financial questions are asked.

New and current clients arrive in the waiting area and sign in.  When their turn arrives, they are called by our 'greeter' to visit our interview desk and provide basic information to help CCFS track the number of people we serve and to purchase food accordingly.  Residency and identification are confirmed and entered into our secure database.  Residents are advised our program is supplemental and weekly visits are permitted.

The next stop is our distribution counter where an amount of groceries based on family size is packed into bags by CCFS volunteers.  The food packing selections were advised by a nutritionist to ensure a wholesome, balanced variety.  Sometimes we offer extra items which come to CCFS via community donations.  Grocery stores donate baked goods, bread and foods.

More information can be had from the CCFS website - http://ccfoodsunday.org/index.php?id=1



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