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Relevent Messages On Real Issues

At Keymar Wesleyan, we understand the issues that people struggle with today and even though the the principles and truths in the Bible don't change,
how we apply them to our lives as we live in an ever changing world and community can be difficult.
Our leadership strives to equip our congregation with the tools necessary to live their lives to the fullest, as designed and intended by God.

Contemporary Worship

Worship is an important part of each of our services. Our band strives to create an environment that allows us to truly give
praise and honor to God and prepare our hearts and minds for the message that follows.

We Will Love Your Family

Here at Keymar Wesleyan we are a family. Our Children's and Youth Minstries are very active and offer great opportunities to help your family grow in Christ..
Please visit our Childrens and Youth pages to find out more!


There Is No Such Thing As "Perfect"

No one is perfect and here at Keymar we don't expect that of anyone. We know that life is messy and we all have our unique struggles and issues.
But we also know that Jesus didn't come to save the perfect or the people who "have it all together". Jesus came to save the broken, the hurting and the lost.
That is all of us, so come as you are.

Don't Worry About What to Wear

We don't know about you but we enjoy feeling comfortable, so wear whatever makes you feel most comfortable. That's what we do!

Come visit us Sunday at 10:15 am

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