Mission:  To provide families with young children time to refresh their spirits and strengthen their faith through worship and Bible study, while knowing their children are in a safe and caring environment.  While at the same time, building a foundation of faith in young children by sharing the love of Jesus Christ through interaction with caring, attentive adults and age-appropriate music, stories, crafts, activities, and play.

 General Information:




The staff for the nursery is comprised of a Nursery Coordinator and Workers with child protection clearances.

Positions are filled by volunteers from the congregation.

Nursery Check-in Procedures

  • All children must be signed in each time they come to our nursery.
  • Children will be given a name tag (to be placed on the child’s back) and a claim ticket which must be returned to one of the nursery workers when picking up the child. This is for the safety and security of the children.
  • Please label your child’s belongings (i.e. cups, pacifiers, etc…)
  • New families will be asked to fill out an information sheet.
  • When a child is being picked up from the nursery, the nursery worker must ask for the claim ticket from the guardian before releasing a child. Children will not be released to siblings.
  • If you are needed, your child’s # on the claim ticket may be used to call you to the nursery during service via the power point display.

Healthy Child Policy

We operate a “well child” nursery. We ask that you keep your child at home if he or she has any of the following symptoms and /or illnesses:

  • Fever greater than 100 degrees
  • A runny nose or a sore throat
  • Questionable rashes
  • A persistent or a heavy cough
  • Stomach aches accompanied by vomiting or diarrhea
  • Any contagious illnesses such as Impetigo, Chicken Pox, Mumps, Measles, Pinkeye

If your child is being treated with antibiotics, he or she must have been on the medication for at least 24 hours before coming to the nursery.

“10 Minute Cry” Policy

Because there is more than one child being cared for in the nursery and because it is important to provide quality care for all children, it is felt that a parent cares best for an extremely upset child.