It is really cool how guiding our subconscious can be so powerful in the practical aspects of our day to day lives. Creating a word, phrase, verse or statement can help keep you on track for desired changes.

Do you have a purpose statement? One that describes what you are about? It can create a vision for your future and provide needed guideposts for today. One aspect of it might even describe how you want to be remembered when you are gone. Each day could then be a time of working towards your own legacy.

How about a scripture verse that speaks to you right now? God often uses His Word to speak to us - it may be that He is telling you to pay more attention to something. Should that verse be your mantra for 2018?

A more succinct version of the above might even be captured in one word. I like that - short and to the point. The oneword365 website (link below) describes how to come up with your own word. I am intrigued by this - thought some of you might be as well.

The new year is coming - how will you use it?