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 Saturday April 29, 2017

 5:30 PM at the Vault

 Directions: https://goo.gl/maps/QCDtNpysuMv


Come check out our Men's Game and Beast Feast offered Keymar style!


  A Good Meal,  Great Company     

We're a bunch of regular guys, with regular jobs and regular lives. Some are married, some are older, some are just getting started in life.

What might be different is that we are trying to live life on purpose - pursuing relationships with God and each other. Having fun together and learning from each other. 

We're not entirely sure what meats we will have yet but it is our hope we will have at least 6 ro 7 varieties.

Of course, we'll fix you up with drinks, country sides as well.

Come hungry and bring a friend!




  Our Guest Speaker  



Steve Basht is a professional dog trainer, cabinet maker, father and follower of Jesus Christ. He has a passion for seeing men embrace their God-given calling as leaders in the family and community.

He will be sharing his experiences with dog training and the relational lessons to be learned from "man's best friend".

See his facebook page here: 



 A Little Manly Competition 

 TargetWe'll be having an archery setup on site so you can try your hand at hitting the bullseye. Five arrows per round, highest score wins. Prizes  galore! No stuffed animals, though ;-)


  Sign Up Here  

 We will need to know how many are coming so we can plan for food, drinks and related stuff. Let us know of your interest by sending us your  info on this signup form.

 If you want to help, there are several options from which to choose on the signup form.

Click here to register!!




What does being a man mean?

Todays media would have you believe it is unequaled irresponsibility, childishness and selfishness. Look to any television sitcom and the male characters are portrayed and mindless goofs. Responsible women must be there to lead them.

Yet, this is not what God had in mind when He made you. His thoughts about you were much higher and deeper than you could ever imagine. He placed you right here, right now to accomplish something everlasting. Something that only you can uniquely accomplish.

Our vision of Keymar Wesleyan Men is one of  heroism, sacrifice and providing for others.  We want to lift each other up and encourage each other to be all that God has called us to be. Our community will feel this effort through our commitment to helping and providing for the less fortunate around us.

Currently meeting at Scott Marsh's house - 6:30 - 8:15 the first Tuesday of each month. Come on over for a life changing discussion.






Come on out the morning of Saturday November 12  (starting at 8 am) for some great manly companionship and some awesome fun blasting clay targets to smithereens. Not to mention a great breakfast served in our 1850's era restored barn.


Never done it before? No problem - we have guys here who would love to show you how. Just bring your shotgun, ear and eye protection and as many shells as you want to shoot. We will supply the clay targets and will launch them for you when you say "Pull!"

donationThis is NOT a competition - it's just a fun way to get together, meet some guys around the area and hone our shooting skills. See this link for some basic info on how it might be done in a competition format.

Let us know of your plans by registering - we need to be ready for you with food and clay targets. Directions will be e-mailed with your confirmation.



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